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IClicksbait is one of the most trusted, affordable, and reliable sales lead generator for Asia Pacific and US Region. We can deliver you qualified sales leads and appointments through the smart use of technology that includes customer profiling, digital marketing, managed marketing automation and event marketing services. We are using high standard technology tools to boost up your target sales and provide the services that you need.

We have our own unique method to make it all work out and win you more clients. We do this through our multi-channel , multi-touch marketing approach. Multi-channel means combining different ways to reach your target clients, while multi-touch ensures that we leverage every opportunity to qualify or convert your prospect.

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Our Services


IClicksbait will open all new opportunities for IT products and services to be identified as your target market. We’ll also help you to improve productivity and performance maximizing full potential of your sales and market in the technology field. With our home grown software tools and applications, all leads and appointments generated are pre- qualified and guaranteed to have exclusivity for each of our client campaign.

IClicksbait will help you reach the right IT decision-makers: IT Managers, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), IT Directors, Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Senior VPs for Information Systems and other top IT executives.

IClicksbait manages and delivers leads through a unique way of marketing: multi- channel leverage of inbound and outbound channels with the latest tool and technologyto generate B2B software leads. We build their business by linking their client goals and turn it into qualified leads. Our company’s technology provides client with proactive channel management that allows them to be flexible to every software market and demands. IClicksbait has an extensive sale prospecting experience for industries that provides software services such as :

 Medical Billing Software

 Cloud Computing / Cloud Services

 Project Management Software

 Cloud Management Software

 Invoicing Software

 Document Management Software

 Industry-specific Applications

 Accounting and Financial Software

 ERP Software

 Business Intelligence Software

 CRM Software

 HR and Payroll Software

 RegTech or Regulatory Technology

 FinTech or Financial Technology

Discovering generation solutions for both direct reaction and marketing services has never been easier. Guidelines to generate qualified advertising leads and appointments are not always the same way as your expectation in other lead generation company. The company will promote your advertising services to reach what your company aims. Our extensive background in the advertising company for over 14 years has grown IClicksbait expertise in this target market and field.

IClicksbait start off the campaign by providing you with a solid updated and targeted list for every entrepreneur. We keep track and make sure that every detail provided for each list are real and correct. The company’s proficiency in merchant account lead generation campaign services holds true to check out highly qualified prospects online, check verifications and cash advance services for every merchant. The company conducts a combination of high market research and profiling business to identify potential businesses to expand your sales and revenue.

Get a better, healthier office cleaning campaign program that is guaranteed to take your commercial cleaning sales at its peak. IClicksbait will help you to get more utility services leads and contracts by identifying potential customers within your market area. We facilitate companies conducting building maintenance offices from various commercial facilities even in private and public establishments such as schools, hospitals, offices, etc. We set appointments for you and pre-qualify prospects so you get a phone or face-to-face meeting to lay down your services with your target clients.

If your company is experiencing an increase in competition with organizations in the industry and you need to focus on your student enrollments, IClicksbait can work closely with you by providing a number of good leads for education and training services seeking to increase their numbers of enrollment. We offer cost-effective lead generation support services for schools, universities, college, academic and training institute's providers and other organizations sector in education.

IClicksbait helps companies that provide consulting and research services by expounding their marketing efforts by delivering leads, contacts and appointments on this target industry. We generate warm research and consulting leads from the financial, healthcare, telecommunications, software, hardware, biotechnology, and other industries from both government and private sectors through our multi-channel B2B lead generation service.

Through a combined muti-touch, multi-channel strategy from: Telemarketing, LinkedIn, Chat, Email Marketing, Mobile, and Web Services, IClicksbait generate and converts high quality leads to expand your business reach through the hospitality industry of:

Travel and tourism:

• Airlines

• Trains

• Cruise lines

• Travel agencies

• Tour operator

• Amusement parks

• Event planners


• Resorts

• Hotels,

• Bed and breakfasts

• Service Apartments

• Campgrounds.

We have a dedicated team of agents that has comprehensive skills and industry- specific training to generate logistics leads in the logistics field. Our aim to reach the highest sales and revenue of our clients and customers through Multi-Channel Marketing effort, focuses on the following decision makers:

• Logistics managers

• Freight forwarders

• Customs brokers

• Project cargo service providers

IClicksbait is designed to produce warm sales lead for the healthcare industry. Our professional telemarketers with an expert experience in sales lead generation will help you improve your sales and revenue targeting the medical and healthcare world. We also target professional managers, doctors, directors, and other medical personnel within the institution.

We’ve been helping healthcare companies including:

 Medical Alert Equipment

 Measuring and Controlling Devices

 Diagnostic Kits

 Testing Services

 Patient Education Services

 Imaging Solutions

 Facilities Management

 Ambulatory and Home Healthcare Services

 Equipment Maintenance

 Medical Devices / Medical Services

 Compliance Consulting Services

 Medical Practice Management Software and Services

 Healthcare IT

At IClicksbait we ensure that your target market will be wider with the use of our multi- channel approach to generate financial leads. We help you enhance your encompass broad range businesses including banks, mortgage companies, credit grantors, and diverse merchant accounts. Our strategy and approach are equipped to change and adapt with the latest technology and needs in the financial world. We have a lead generation solution for the following services:

• Corporate Cost Reduction

• Risk Management

• Accounting and Payroll Services

• Tax Consulting and Preparation

• Merchant Services

• Billing and Consulting

• Corporate Insurance Services.

IClicksbait can associate in local and global buyer which can provide you with an immediate need for your product and services. We will improve your financial performance and long-term success by reaching out to your target market in the manufacturing and distribution services:

• Equipment manufacturer

• Furniture and Fixtures

• Technology manufacturer

• Safety Supplies & Services

• Engineering Services

• Construction and Building Projects

• Materials handling

• Transport and Telecommunication

• Pharmaceuticals

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